Insulation Can Boost Resale Value Of Homes

Noted housing columnist Katherine Salant has a very interesting article in the January 20, 2012 Washington Post. She profiled Alex Wilson’s (executive editor of Environmental Building News and a widely acclaimed green building expert) observations on how homeowners can boost resale value by adding insulation–and why cellulose is better than fiberglass.

It provides excellent clarity from two highly respected housing industry experts on what can often be a confusing decision for consumers trying to decide which type of insulation is best.


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  1. Insulation is indeed an excellent way to add value to your home. Kitchen and bath remodels are complicated projects with lots of variables and “vanities”. By “vanities” we do not mean places to rest your hair dryer, we mean sexy objects and materials that we want and look for in our kitchen and bath renovations. Trying to convince someone to give up their granite counter tops in exchange for spray foam insulation is a lost cause, but consider giving up something or adding a bit to your budget to produce a return on investment forever.

    They are also opportunities to deal with some of the worst air leaks in the home. Spray foam insulation can tighten up these leaks and help to quiet drain pipes that are running through the walls. When you have an opportunity to gain energy performance in the home never pass it up.

  2. Dan Lea says:

    Perhaps if the home owner specified cellulose instead of a very expensive plastic foam material he or she could have both granite countertops and an energy-efficient home.

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