Green Guitar at GreenBuild Expo 2012

Martin Guitar with ForBoFlooring FretboardOne of the more unusual items on display at the 2012 GreenBuild Expo was a Martin guitar. The innovative green aspect was the instrument’s fret board made of material by Forbo Flooring company.

According to a company representative at their booth, the guitar was inspired by Jeff Tweedy, the front man from the Grammy-winning band Wilco. Tweedy, a strong green advocate, is said to have even consulted with Martin’s luthiers on the design. The instrument is beautifully crafted and the material used in the fretboard has the look and feel of the traditional ebony or rosewoods which have becoming more difficult to obtain over the years.

Mr. Tweedy has most likely played in more than one concert hall and recorded in a studio that utilizes another innovative green product–cellulose insulation. In addition to its many green aspects, including being up to 85% recycled content, cellulose insulation is one of the most superior sound control products available.

Visitors to the Cellulose Insulation Pavilion had the opportunity to experience the incredible sound control qualities of the product in the sound tunnel. The 6′ x 12′ x 8′ area of the Pavilion simulated a typical home or commercial insulated area offering visitors a view of how the material is installed and a tactile drop of several decibels as they entered from the noisy expo hall. This video tour of the Pavilion provides a simulation of that experience.

According to International Cellulose’s Joe Witt, who insulated the sound tunnel, his product is used in music venues around the world. “We have installed cellulose insulation in many music venues from concert arenas to auditoriums and performing arts halls.”

It’s also used by many builders like Ryland Homes as an upgrade in new homes to improve the sound control qualities of interior walls.

Watch for more stories from GreenBuild Expo 2012 coming here on the Greenest Insulation Blog.


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