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CIMA is a trade association made up of cellulose insulation producers and affiliated members dedicated to ensuring the highest quality cellulose insulation products and standards. The association also provides timely and useful information about cellulose insulation and other valuable information to its members, regulatory officials, industry professionals and homeowners.


The Cellulose Insulation Manufacturers Association is the trade association for the cellulose segment of the thermal/acoustical insulation industry. CIMA was founded on July 1, 1992, when the Cellulose Industry Standards Enforcement Program (CISEP) adopted new bylaws, restructuring itself as a trade association. CISEP was established in 1982 as a voluntary program to enforce and document conformance by its participants with:

  • the Consumer Products Safety Commission's regulations for cellulose insulation
  • the American Society for Testing and Materials' (ASTM) industry standards.

Producer Members

CIMA Producer Members are manufacturers of cellulose insulation. In most cases they are not insulation installers, although some members do have installation divisions or subsidiaries. Like most companies, cellulose insulation producers distribute their products across large geographic areas. There may not be a CIMA member plant in your city or state, but that doesn’t mean cellulose insulation is not available in your area. Cellulose insulation is readily available in every part of the U.S.

Associate Members

CIMA Associate members provide materials and services to manufacturers of cellulose insulation. They demonstrate their support for the growth and welfare of the cellulose industry by joining with the Producer Members of CIMA in promoting the objectives of the association.

Installation Equipment Suppliers

These companies specialize in supplying and servicing equipment specifically for producing cellulose insulation. They also support the growth and welfare of the cellulose insulation industry by joining with the Producer Members of CIMA in promoting the objectives of the association.

Insulation Contractors

CIMA producer members know the contractors best qualified to property install cellulose insulation. Use the Contractor Referral service here on the website to find producers servicing your state who can provide referrals on qualified cellulose insulation suppliers and installers.

Contact CIMA whenever you need additional information on cellulose insulation.

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