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There is a lot of information available from manufacturers of insulation products. CIMA believes cellulose insulation leads the pack in critical areas. We want architects, contractors, builders, and cellulose installers to have the information they need to discuss the different performance characteristics of cellulose insulation in a factual manner with their customers.

CIMA is pleased to provide its members and industry professionals using the website with marketing materials that provide the facts about cellulose insulation. These brochures below are in PDF format in low resolution and higher resolution print-ready versions.


Low Resolution PDF
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CIMA – Builders / Contractor / Installers Brochure (8 ½ x 11 Format)
CIMA – Consumers Brochure (8 ½ x 11 Format)
CIMA – Consumers Brochure - Customizable (“Quad-Fold" Format)
CIMA – A Guide to Saving Money – Customizable (“Tri-Fold" Format)
Low Resolution PDF
Example - REV – Consumer Brochure (“Quad-Fold" Format)
Example - REV – A Guide to Saving Money – Customizable (“Tri-Fold" Format)

KEY: low resolution PDF file = low resolution pdf for preview.
KEY: high resolution ZIP file = zip file containing high resolution pdf for professional print.

Examples show how select brochure can be branded for your organization.

We recommend industry professionals market cellulose insulation by linking its value to its performance and environmental characteristics. The value of cellulose insulation goes beyond price, and includes all the factors that go into satisfying the needs of consumers: price, performance and environmental impact.

Above all, consumers want to feel that they are being given the whole story. So as an industry, we want to focus on facts. Other insulation materials have their good points and we recognize that, but still believe cellulose insulation is the best choice, and the best value, for most installations.

Contact us if you need more information or assistance with marketing cellulose insulation.