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AIA Blueprint For Better: Design To Change Climate Change

It’s encouraging to see the American Institute of Architects (AIA) launching their BLUEPRINT FOR BETTER initiative with the goal of reducing “climate change and inequities in the built environment.” That’s a fancy way of saying improve design in the construction ... Read More →

Cellulose Insulation Meets Many of 10 Best Ways to Go Green

Recent Article Lists 10 Best Ways to Go Green in Home Build or Remodel Geoff Spitzer’s recent article in the New Hampshire Business Review caught the eye of the Greenest Insulation Blog. This insightful piece offers an excellent list of ... Read More →

Think Insulation When Thinking About Cold Winter Weather

News Article Attests To Insulation Upgrade Savings The first sign of coming colder weather typically leads many homeowners to start thinking (once again in most cases) of upgrading their home insulation. There are many examples online of how much savings ... Read More →

Cellulose Insulation In Attics With Foam Under Roof Sheathing

Cellulose Answer Man: Your Source For Information Justin asks: My home currently has spray foam insulation on all outer walls. (including under my roof in the attic.) I wanted to add blown in cellulose in the attic for more soundproofing ... Read More →

Cellulose Insulation In Attics Pose No Ceiling Weight Issues

Cellulose Answer Man: Your Source For Information Paul C. posed an interesting question: I am a contractor working with cellulose to put into ceilings for builders in Australia. We have currently been questioned on the issue of the weight limitations ... Read More →

Cellulose Insulation Slows Home Fires

Cellulose Insulation Slow House Fire Spread By Design One the most misunderstood characteristic of cellulose insulation is it’s ability to slow the spread of flames in home and building fires. Cellulose Insulation is treated with boric acid and designed specifically ... Read More →

Cellulose Insulation Does Not Attract Insects

Cellulose Answer Man: Your Source For Information Glenda. asked: I was told by a termite that the cellulose insulation on the concrete walls under my house attracted termites. Is that true? (Should have said termite company. I do not really ... Read More →

Why Did CIMA Not Include Wallboard In Fire Tests

Cellulose Answer Man: Your Source For Information Darrel S. asked: Why were each of the tests (in the videos on website) done without a wall finish, such as gypsum board? The addition of gypsum board might change the temperature of ... Read More →

Cellulose Insulation Products Meet California VoC Limits

Cellulose Answer Man: Your Source For Information Vassilios C. asked: Hello. Since boric acid is registered as toxic are there any studies on possible volatile organic compounds in cellulose? Thanks. Answer: Numerous cellulose insulation products have been tested per California ... Read More →

Vermont House Another Great Example Using Cellulose Insulation

We continue to see more great examples of energy efficient home projects that include cellulose insulation in their design. The latest is a Home and Barn project from Vermont featured in a story on Poptimes News. The home was a ... Read More →

Cellulose Insulation Helps Make The Pretty Good House

Cellulose Insulation is part of “The Pretty Good House” Concept Finding ways to reduce climate change and global warming impacts is a universal need around the world today. Many in the building industry continue to work on improving new home ... Read More →

Borates Used In Cellulose Insulation Don’t Deteriorate Metal

Cellulose Answer Man: Your Source For Information Dan R. asked: Looking for some recommendations on blown in cellulose – do you know of any reps in the Pacific Northwest who could help answer some questions? There seems to be a ... Read More →

What Can Be Covered Up When Blowing Insulation In Attics

Cellulose Answer Man: Your Source For Information Aaron F. asked: I had brand new electrical installed in my 2nd floor. Can I cover 1900 and 11b boxes that run along my floor in the attic? I also have 16 x ... Read More →

Assumption About Dense Packed Cellulose Settling

Cellulose Answer Man: Your Source For Information Michael D. asked: I know even with dense packed cellulose in the walls, it will settle because of building movements. ?Will that cause any problems for even 1/2 inch of settlement in the ... Read More →

Installing Cellulose Insulation Directly To Roof Sheathing

Cellulose Answer Man: Your Source For Information Gared E. asked: Can cellulose insulation be installed directly to the roof sheathing without baffles or an air gap. There are installed roof and soffit vents as if the house was to have ... Read More →

Introducing Cellulose Answer Man

CIMA Professionals Answer Your Insulation Questions CIMA is pleased to introduce our new Cellulose Answer Man service here on the Greenest Insulation Blog. Users on our website and the blog often send in comments and questions on a wide range ... Read More →

Cellulose Insulation Is Up To 85% Recycled Paper

CIMA Producers Support Recycling Programs Cellulose Insulation, made from up to 85% recycled paper, has the highest percentage of recycled content among common building materials used in the United States. This emphasis on recycled material in the production of cellulose ... Read More →

CIMA Publishes Cellulose Insulation EPD

Cellulose Insulation Environmental Product Declaration Published The Cellulose Insulation Manufacturers Association and the Cellulose Insulation Manufacturers Association of Canada, trade associations for producers of cellulose thermal/acoustical insulation in North America, and Sustainable Minds, a leading provider of products and services ... Read More →

Cellulose Insulation And Vapor/Air Barriers

The Facts On Cellulose Insulation & Vapor Barriers We receive many questions on the CIMA website Contact Us form every month. A recent one on cellulose insulation and air/vapor barriers (one of a flurry on the topic) tipped the scale ... Read More →

CIMA Dan Lea Featured On Sustainable Minds Webinar

Join the Webinar January 20, 2020 On Embodied Carbon & Net Zero Energy CIMA Executive Director Dan Lea, with be featured speaker in a webinar presented by Sustainable Minds. The program, moderated by Terry Swack, Sustainable Minds Founder and CEO, ... Read More →

Don’t DIY Home Insulation If You Don’t Know How

For many homeowners, proper attic insulation is a common concern and an easy target for improving energy efficiency. Most older homes, and even many newer ones, simply lack the proper amount of insulation in their attics. However, there are many ... Read More →

Determine Current Attic Insulation R-Value

Here Is How To Determine Current Home Attic R-Value One of the most common questions homeowners ask is how to determine the R-Value of their current attic insulation. This typically results when a homeowner begins to think about improving their ... Read More →

U.S. Ag Dept. Mass Timber Initiative Good For Environment

Construction With Wood-Based Products Traps Carbon The U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service established a $1 million in fund designated for supporting the construction of mass timber projects on college campuses across the country. The initiative is designed to simulate ... Read More →

Cellulose Insulation Used In Historic Yellowstone Photography Store

Renovation of the historic Haynes Pictures Shop included Cellulose Insulation Cellulose insulation has been around at least since the time of Jefferson’s Monticello when old newspapers were used to insulate the famed mansion. Since that time, the product has evolved ... Read More →

New Green Products Make Greenest Insulation Blog Cut

We often recognize new innovative green products here on the Greenest Insulation Blog. There have been a few announced using cellulose for alternative products recently that appear to have promise and worth sharing. Many people are surprised to learn that ... Read More →

CleanFiber Joins Cellulose Insulation Manufacturers Association

Welcome New Producer Member CleanFiber LLC The Cellulose Insulation Manufacturers Association is proud to welcome our newest producer member CleanFiber LLC. CleanFiber was conceived by several veteran cellulose insulation installers. They recently began production at their state-of-the-art facility in Buffalo, ... Read More →

Beautiful Icicles Bad Sign For Insulation

Those Beautiful Icicles Likely A Sign Of Bad Attic Insulation The 2019 winter prediction report mentioned here on the Greenest Insulation Blog has proven to be very accurate. A cold and wet winter continues across most of the U.S. One ... Read More →

CIMA Producer Member Promotes First Female GM

Fiberlite Technologies Appoints Patricia Grubb CIMA producer member Fiberlite Technologies has promoted long-time employee Patricia Grubb to head the company’s production plant in Joplin, Missouri as General Manager. She is one of just a few woman to hold such a ... Read More →

Snow Offers Opportunity To Check Insufficient Insulation

Snow melting quick on house roof can indicate attic insulation deficiencies. While in the midst of winter it is often too late to add insulation to home attics, snowfalls can actually help to identify potential deficiencies that can be corrected ... Read More →

CIMA Member Advance Fiber Recognized

The CIMA producer member company Advance Fiber Technology was recently recognized in their local Ohio newspaper for many years of providing high-quality products. Advance Fiber is a family business founded in the mid 1970s by Dick Leuthold and sons Doug ... Read More →

Well Respected Weather Forecaster 2018-19 Winter Outlook

Weather Trends 360 Predicts Cold Wet Winter For 2019 Captain Bill Kirk, CEO of the website, and his team of meteorologists boast an 84% accuracy rate for their short-term and year-ahead forecasts for temperature and precipitation. The site serves businesses ... Read More →

UN Climate Change Reports 12 Years To Make Changes

UN Climate Change Report Must Stimulate Action From Bottom Up The dire news coming out of the recent landmark report by the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) predicts just 12 years left to take action against irreversible impacts ... Read More →

NGOs Caution Foam Insulation Poses Human Health Threat

NRDC and the National Housing Trust Suggest Avoiding Foam Chemicals A report released by Energy Efficiency for All, a partnership of Non Governmental Agencies (NGOs) that includes the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and National Housing Trust, cautions home builders ... Read More →

Residents Protest Over Proposed WV Rockwool Insulation Plant

Cellulose Insulation Production Has Low Environmental Impact Recent headlines about protests over a proposed Rockwool Insulation Production Plant in Charles Town, WV raise valid concerns over the potential for environmental impacts. This product is similar to fiberglass and foam insulation ... Read More →

Cellulose Insulation Producers Recycling Offsets China Cutback

China Accepting Less U.S. Recycling Means Paper For Cellulose China is curtailing the amount of recycling material it accepts from the United States. This continues to be a pressing problem since the U.S. has shipped much of its recycled paper, ... Read More →

Chinese Foam Insulation Including Banned CFCs

Reports Expose CFCs In Chinese Made Foam Insulation News reports broke this recently about the discovery of foam insulation manufactured in China that includes CFCs. According to the lead report by the Environmental Investigation Agency, now carried in several highly ... Read More →

Nanowood Could Be Perfect Compliment To Cellulose Insulation

Nanowood Has Lignin Removed Making It Less Heat Conductive We are always on the lookout for new trends in green building materials here on the CIMA blog. Last month the story broke about an innovative new product called “Nanowood” that ... Read More →

Need For Recycled Building Materials Never Greater

Cellulose Insulation Has Industry’s Highest Recycled Content World-wide the amount of construction related waste continues to increase as growth booms in developed and emerging economies both. The need for recycling construction waste, and for innovative construction products that use recycled ... Read More →

Video Comparing Cellulose And Fiberglass Insulation In A Fire

Watch Test Comparing Fires For Cellulose Insulation & Fiberglass Insulation Here is another video that demonstrates the characteristic differences between cellulose insulation and fiberglass insulation. Titled “The Big Burn” by its producers, the video is not a true scientific controlled ... Read More →

Fire Burn Test For Building Insulation Products

Fire Test Videos Show Results For Cellulose & Fiberglass Insulation Products In the wake of the horrific June 2017 high rise fire in London interest in fire related to building insulation products has surged. People are understandably searching for more ... Read More →

Settling The Myth About Cellulose Insulation Settling

A home building company recently contacted CIMA.  They were considering changing standard features to include cellulose insulation in an effort to offer greener, more energy-efficient homes.  But they had heard cellulose insulation settles and wanted to know how this affected ... Read More →

2015 Hottest Ever And Busiest Summer For Cellulose Insulation

For anyone that might have missed the news this month, NASA and NOAH confirmed 2015 was the hottest year ever.  In fact, it was hot enough to shatter over a century of high temperature records!  In the U.S. the temperature ... Read More →

Slow Start To Winter Cold And Retail Sales Not A Harbinger

Reports broke across the news this week of a decline in sales for winter-related items.  Sales for just about everything from boots, and sweaters to firewood and fuel oil are down from the same period last year. The companion news ... Read More →

Cellulose Insulation Goes Mobile Online

The trend has become a reality as more and more people use mobile devices for online searches.  Visitors to CIMA’s website continue to grow this year and so has the percentage of viewers using mobile devices.  We are pleased to ... Read More →

Cellulose Insulation Can Help EPA Landfill Reduction Plan

The EPA proposed new rules on August 14, 2015 to further reduce emissions of methane-rich gas from municipal solid waste (MSW) landfills in the U.S.  These new EPA rules will by default likely require more emphasis on recycling of paper, ... Read More →

Blown In Insulation Product Review On Bob Vila

The Bob Vila website recently had a very good article covering the topic of blown in insulation. Writer Benjamin Hardy does an excellent job of comparing and contrasting the top products – loose fill fiberglass, cellulose and foam – and ... Read More →

Top Five Things To Do On Earth Day 2015

Earth day was conceived in 1969 at a UNESCO conference held in San Francisco. Renowned activist in multiple disciplines John McConnell proposed a date in which we celebrate the Earth and honor the idea of peace. From those beginnings Earth Day ... Read More →

UpGrade Athens County Reforms Southeastern Ohio Energy Strategy

Weather can be serious business in Ohio with hot, humid summers, cold winters, and extreme weather possible throughout the year. With such a broad climate spectrum, proper weatherization of homes is critical to reducing household energy costs. As a byproduct, ... Read More →

Another Cold Winter After A Record Hottest Year

As much of the nation experiences another bitterly cold winter in 2015 with record snowfalls, NOAA confirms reports 2014 was the hottest year ever recorded. The annual climate report on NOAA website states: “The year 2014 was the warmest year ... Read More →

Home Insulation Federal Tax Credit Back

In case you missed it, which is highly likely, the congress once again extended and the president signed into law the tax credit for home energy efficiency improvements.  This includes the credit of for adding home insulation. The good news: ... Read More →

Fan Direction & Other Frequently Missed Winterization Tips

Getting a home ready for winter is an annual fall event for most homeowners. The big items typically come to mind for most people interested in improving energy efficiency and lowing utility bills. Upgrading insulation, adding more caulk and replacing ... Read More →

Consumer Preferences For Responsible Products On The Rise

Environmental consumerism is on the rise in the U.S. and around the globe according to a recent study by Havas PR: Because It Matters.  The report was reviewed in a recent article by and recaps the study that analyzed ... Read More →

Winter Weather Prediction: Add Insulation Regardless Of Predictions

Early predictions for the 2014-15 Winter Weather season are mixed as is the case about every year.  However, many forecasters are anticipating another cold, wet and snowy winter for much of the US. Regardless of predictions, the fact is September ... Read More →

Winner Announced For The CIMA 100th Post Subscriber Prize

Congratulations to Ken Farrish of Delta, BC Canada.  He was the lucky winner of our $100 giveaway in honor of the 100th post published here at the Greenest Insulation Blog.  Ken was selected at random from all subscribers on the ... Read More →

What Is Passive House Design

The energy efficiency goal in the design of any home is ultimately passivity.  Everyone would like to have a really comfortable home interior living environment with little or no cost for heating and cooling.  But what defines a truly “passive ... Read More →

Insulating Wall Cavities With Cellulose Best For Older Homes

The best way to achieve the highest level of energy savings in older homes is to fully insulate the total building envelope.  While most homeowners often add or upgrade attics many fail to consider insulating the exterior walls.  This leads ... Read More →

Greenest Insulation Blog Celebrates 100th Post With $100 Gift

For over five years CIMA’s Greenest Insulation Blog has been sharing news and information posting stories about cellulose insulation, other innovative green products and trends in green building, the environment and energy efficiency.  Occasionally there have also been fun ways ... Read More →

House Passes Thermal Insulation Efficiency Improvement Act

The U.S. House has passed the bipartisan Thermal Insulation Efficiency Improvement Act.  This is one small step out of legislative gridlock and one giant step toward regrouping the national focus on energy efficiency.  Now it will be up to the ... Read More →

Summer Home Improvement Project Lists Include Insulation

Scouring the web for our Summer Home Improvement tips list uncovers a few good articles from a variety of sources.  We found three lists that provide a good cross section of sources from RIS Media’s real estate driven news, to ... Read More →

Life-Cycle Analysis Tools Fall Short With Insulation Calculations

Life-Cycle Analysis (LCA) calculation tools can be valuable resources for designers, builders, building officials and even consumers trying to determine the environmental impact of building products and materials.  These calculators are available from a variety of sources and vary in ... Read More →

CIMA Launches New Website

The Cellulose Insulation Manufacturers Association has launched a new website.  The new design greatly expands the content, images and graphics, and functionality of the website making it easier for homeowners and building industry professionals to find information. All of the ... Read More →

Federal Insulation Tax Credit Date Looms Along With Threat of Change

CIMA’s annual reminder to claim tax credits for those who made insulation and other energy efficient improvements to homes in 2013 comes with a footnote.  This may be your last year for those and other important homeowner related tax deductions!  ... Read More →

Cover The Bases With Insulation And Other Cold Weather Protection

The winter of 2014 is proving to be one of the fiercest in several years.  Meteorologists seem to have even coined a new phrase “polar vortex” for these endless cold fronts that are keeping the deep freeze on all the ... Read More →

Winter Chill Warms Experts To Insulation Recommendations

Each year as the winter season hits there are many articles in the news and online from construction experts about how to make a house more energy efficient. CIMA monitors and shares information and links to such stories from other ... Read More →

Completely Sealed & Insulated Homes Don’t Need To Be Heated

Here at the Greenest Insulation Blog it has long been asserted the best energy saving home improvement is a well insulated house.  A recent story at comparing the value of insulation in homes in Northern Europe confirms this premise.  ... Read More →

Prescriptions For Insulation Latest Innovative Energy Initiative From Down Under

For anyone that follows trends on insulation there have been many interesting and innovative stories from around the world with concerns over climate change and the need for lower energy cost post the global economic crisis.  Some of the most ... Read More →

Natural Gas Cars And Pumps Coming Soon

Natural Gas has emerged as the most abundant fuel supply in the U.S, particularly with “fracking” opening up access to huge domestic sources.  This cleanest of fossil fuels has long been commercially supplied to homes for heating and cooking.  Fleet ... Read More →

Make Winter Home Energy Improvements In The Fall And Save

As the weather changes and the temperature begins to fall, the importance of home insulation and energy efficiency becomes top-of-mind for many American homeowners. The CIMA website tends to be a harbinger of consumer interest this time of year as ... Read More →

Insulation Helps Save Energy & Cellulose Insulation’s Low Embodied Energy Helps Save The Planet

The Passive House Institute U.S. has announced it will no longer grant certification approval for construction projects using SPF insulation, which employ chemical agents with high Global-Warming-Costs (GWP). In a recent article, PHIUS’s executive director Katrin Klingenberg explained the decision. ... Read More →

Home Sales Surge Means Opportunities For Buyers, Sellers and Home Owners

With the recent surge in real estate sales and new home starts the “bubble” talk is inevitable and likely to be an ongoing debate in the media.  However, most economists on the subject appear to agree factors driving the home ... Read More →

Weatherization Assitance Programs Worth Supporting

Throughout the nation the Home Weatherization Assistance Program (HWAP) has run into hard times due to a large decrease in federal funding. In Ohio HWAP is still alive and well, thanks in large part to effective use of remaining available ... Read More →

Berkely Architects Innovate To Cut Down Energy Use

Architects may be the top influencers when it comes to housing. What home buyers see and builders build is typically driven by what architects design and specify. When it comes to innovation and green building the architects can make a ... Read More →

Find Earth Day Celebrations for 2013

Monday April 22, 2013 is Earth Day! It’s a great day to celebrate the planet and get a better understanding of our environment. Here are some interesting places online about Earth Day and ways to check your footprint on the ... Read More →

Airport Sound Mitigation Programs Could Use Cellulose Insulation

Airports and homes don’t mix and they never will. It’s an old problem that lately has been getting major attention in some cities with airports located in urban areas. All airplanes are loud and commercial jetliners are the loudest of ... Read More →

CIMA’s National Fiber Announces Innovative Recycling Program

Greenest Insulation Blog is always on the lookout for innovative green ideas. CIMA producer member National Fiber has a new twist on the well known recycling aspects of cellulose insulation. The company is launching a program to recycle cellulose insulation ... Read More →

CIMA Member Advanced Fiber Supplies Insulation For Major Ohio Retrofit

A block-by-block retrofit project in the small town of Murray City, Ohio, that included cellulose insulation provided by CIMA member Advanced Fiber Technology, is an excellent example of the effective implementation of The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and Weatherization Assistance ... Read More →

CIMA Makes Finding Cellulose Insulation Contractors Easy

Installing cellulose insulation in a new home or upgrading an older home is a great way to improve energy efficiency and save money for years to come on home energy bills. In fact, it’s one of the quickest return on ... Read More →

Fiscal Cliff Deal Saved Consumer Energy Tax Credits

Consumers who invested in new insulation, water heaters, air conditioners, boilers and other qualifying appliances will be able to claim the 25C federal tax credit when they file their 2012 taxes. Thanks to the last ditch effort on the compromise ... Read More →

New Green Marketing Rules Old News For CIMA

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently updated its Guides for the Use of Environmental Marketing Claims. The “Green Guide” outlines the guidelines and requirements for companies and marketers making claims about their products’ environmental benefits. (See this story from the Environmental ... Read More →

Made In USA – It’s Harder Than It Sounds

A new home construction project in Florida is testing the concept of “Made in the USA” by requiring all materials and labor to be domestic made and legal respectively. It’s proving to be a difficult challenge. The story from the ... Read More →

Observations & Ideas From GreenBuild

There was a wide variety of green ideas at the 2012 GreenBuild Expo. It was certainly a healthy experience, in addition to a green one, with the exhibits spread between three buildings and a few city blocks at San Francisco’s ... Read More →

Green Guitar at GreenBuild Expo 2012

One of the more unusual items on display at the 2012 GreenBuild Expo was a Martin guitar. The innovative green aspect was the instrument’s fret board made of material by Forbo Flooring company. According to a company representative at their ... Read More →

GreenBuild Cellulose Pavilion Visitor Wins iPad 3

Thanks to all the attendees who visited the Cellulose Insulation Pavilion at Greenbuild 2012. Many of our Producer Members were at the Pavilion to help provide information and assist visitors with completing the short quiz to test their knowledge about ... Read More →

Cellulose Insulation Featured At Ohio Weatherization Event

The Cellulose Insulation Manufacturers Association (CIMA) and CIMA member Advanced Fiber Technology, Bucyrus, Ohio, were among the invited guests when the Corporation for Ohio Appalachian Development (COAD) held its 2012 Weatherization Month Open House in October at a weatherization program ... Read More →

National Energy Awareness Month Evident At Debate

October is National Energy Awareness Month. There have been a host of related programs this month as can be seen on the White House website. You might not have been aware of this from watching the presidential debate since neither President ... Read More →

CIMA “Walks the Talk” in Recycling Paper

As the digital revolution continues to drive more archive storage to disk rather than file cabinets it’s important to walk the talk when you depend on recycled paper for a raw material. We caught up with the Cellulose Insulation Manufacturers ... Read More →

Cellulose Insulation Waste Paper Innovations

The nations leading cellulose insulation manufacturers continue to find innovative ways to convert waste paper into energy-efficient insulation products. Cellulose insulation producers stay in tune with recycled paper trends, and with obvious interest in old newsprint (ONP) supplies. Recycled newsprint ... Read More →

Hurricanes, Floods and Storms Oh My

A quick glance across the news spectrum over the past few months finds the topic of climate change is heating up. Major news outlets have frequently run stories on the topic linking severe weather to climate change. The debate rages ... Read More →

Texas Insulation Fire Story Propagates Myth

A television station in Texas recently ran a story about a house fire and quoted a local fire official who erroneously stated cellulose insulation contributed to the damage. This insulation fire story from Texas includes many misstatements and errors based ... Read More →

Energy Audits And Home Inspections

Every year millions of houses are sold in the U.S. In many cases, a professional home inspection is conducted in the transaction process. The inspection is typically paid by the purchaser although, like most everything else in real estate transactions, ... Read More →

Sustainability Blog Talks Cellulose Insulation

The Community Environmental Center (CEC) in Queens, NY is a not-for-profit specializing in weatherization and green building throughout the New York Metropolitan area. According to the website and a recent blog post, the CEC has been a leader in Weatherization ... Read More →

CIMA On Weatherization At The White House

Cellulose Insulation Manufacturers Association President Chris Hoch was a featured speaker at the White House this month. The first-ever Weatherization Supply Chain event was held June 15 as a forum to discuss the Department of Energy’s Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP.) ... Read More →

Green Can Spring From Many Innovations

It’s Robert Moog’s 78th birthday! You may be asking yourself what that has to do with cellulose insulation or green products in general? Nothing and everything. Google revolutionized the way most people search for and research information. That innovation has ... Read More →

Quiet Is the Sound of a Well Insulated Home

Everyone knows insulating a home saves energy and makes for a more comfortable living environment. We have written here at the Greenest Insulation Blog about how effective cellulose insulation is in providing superior sound proofing in addition to energy-efficiency. Cellulose ... Read More →

GreenPower Leadership Awards

Insulation helps us make more efficient use of energy, but that’s only one element in the pursuit of a greener, more sustainable energy infrastructure. Each year the Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Energy and the Center for Resource Solutions cosponsor ... Read More →

Insulation Can Boost Resale Value Of Homes

Noted housing columnist Katherine Salant has a very interesting article in the January 20, 2012 Washington Post. She profiled Alex Wilson’s (executive editor of Environmental Building News and a widely acclaimed green building expert) observations on how homeowners can boost ... Read More →

Innovation Is Good – Practical Is Perfect

The Department of Energy’s Solar Decathlon 2011 winning design is going on display in California. The “CHIP” had its ribbon cutting Tuesday, January 17th in downtown Los Angeles. You can learn about this innovative solar house of the future here. ... Read More →

Green Building 2012 Trend Predictions

Green Building appears to be poised for a rebound in 2012 according to trend predictions from industry experts and prognosticators. Expectations are mixed on new construction but retrofitting existing buildings for improved energy efficiency appears to be a green wave ... Read More →

Energy Efficiency Going Mainstream

At the Greenest Insulation Blog we track all things energy-efficiency related. The volume of stories online about the subject has been growing steadily for the past year. It’s interesting to see a major retailer like Best Buy beginning to embrace ... Read More →

Energy Tax Credits Still Available

It’s that time of year when most homeowners begin to think about higher winter energy bills. Even for folks in Texas just feeling relief from their scorching record breaking heat wave, thoughts of the last few brutal winters will be ... Read More →


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