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2015 Hottest Ever And Busiest Summer For Cellulose Insulation

For anyone that might have missed the news this month, NASA and NOAH confirmed 2015 was the hottest year ever.  In fact, it was hot enough to shatter over a century of high temperature records!  In the U.S. the temperature peaked over the summer with record heat continuing well into early fall.

house in themos of cellulose insulation
At CIMA, this announcement last week of the record heat did not come as a big surprise.  The website is a great barometer of human reaction to temperature acting almost like a thermostat with extremes in hot and cold reflected in the volume of traffic.  The summer of 2015 was remarkable in that for the first time since the website was launched visitor traffic for the year peaked in October instead of January.  August is usually the busiest summer month and then traffic falls a bit before winter.  But in 2015, visitors flocked to the homeowner sections of in search of insulation solutions.

Although the continued rise in temperature is alarming, the reaction from homeowners is encouraging.  More people were clearly looking for ways to beat the heat, and lower their energy bills, by improving the insulation in their homes.  Too often, people only think of insulating their homes against the cold.  The fact is, proper insulation turns a home into a thermos keeping the contents (people) cooler when it’s hot outside as well as warmer when it gets cold.

Based on the well documented (irrefutable) rise in average global temperatures, more people would be wise to consider insulating their homes from the heat as much as against the cold.  Cellulose Insulation excels at doing both while also providing many beneficial environmental advantages over other insulation products.