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Celebrate Arbor Day With Cellulose Insulation

Recycling Paper Into Insulation Saves Carbon In Trees

Arbor Day Oak and Cellulose Insulaiton
Arbor Day celebrates the tree and encourages people to plant one in honor of our most precious resource for fighting climate change. Trees are the kings of carbon sequestration as they eat carbon dioxide in the photosynthesis process and release precious oxygen into the atmosphere. Learn more about the many contributions by trees to our planet.

When consumers and builders choose cellulose insulation for homes and buildings they remove paper from the waste stream and store it in walls and attics. And all that paper comes from trees and includes the carbon that those trees sequestered through photosynthesis.

It just makes sense on Arbor Day and every day to recycle paper into insulation rather than letting it decompose and release all that carbon back into the atmosphere. And that makes a lot more sense than burning huge amounts of energy to create other less Eco-friendly types of insulation.

Learn more about the environmental benefits of cellulose insulation.