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Cellulose Insulation Featured At Ohio Weatherization Event

The Cellulose Insulation Manufacturers Association (CIMA) and CIMA member Advanced Fiber Technology, Bucyrus, Ohio, were among the invited guests when the Corporation for Ohio Appalachian Development (COAD) held its 2012 Weatherization Month Open House in October at a weatherization program demonstration house in Martins Ferry, a community on the Ohio River in economically-stressed Belmont County.

Demonstration of blowing cellulose insulation in a home

Installation crew supervisor explained how to watch hose when installing cellulose insulation into a wall cavity at sufficient density to prevent settling.

America’s weatherization programs are a partnership between federal, state, and local governments; community action agencies; utilities and other parts of the business community. Department of Energy’s Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) seeks to improve the energy efficiency of homes by assisting low income home owners in making needed improvements.  CIMA President Chris Hoch was a featured speaker at the recent White House forum to discuss the importance of the WAP. Ohio and especially COAD have a national reputation as conducting some of the most effective weatherization programs in the county.

COAD holds periodic open houses to focus attention on the benefits of weatherization assistance programs (WAP) to individuals and communities. The events feature demonstrations of weatherization techniques, including insulation installation; tours of the home, and—as you would expect—speeches by COAD officials and politicians.

In Martins Ferry COAD Executive Director Ron Rees opened the festivities and introduced special guests,

COAD's Tom Calhoun directs energy efficiency program

COAD,s Tom Calhoun

including Doug Leuthold, president of CIMA member Advanced Fiber Technology, and Dan Lea, executive director of CIMA, and the individuals and companies that support weatherization in Ohio. For most participants the highlight of the morning began when Tom Calhoun, who directs weatherization efforts for COAD, introduced the people who actually do the weatherization work who demonstrated the technique of dense packing cellulose insulation into the walls of an uninsulated or underinsulated home.

Many CIMA member companies supply insulation and provide technical support to weatherization agencies in Ohio and throughout the nation.  Historically government and industry supported weatherization programs have represented a major part of the cellulose insulation market.

“We believe organizations like COAD, that help bring weatherization of homes where it’s needed most, is the right kind of energy policy,” Lea said. “There is no better path toward U.S. energy independence than by improving the insulation and energy efficiency or our nation’s homes.”

2013-02-02 14:04:06
tim holt says:

I sm interested in blowing dry cellulose insulation in existing walls. I am concerned that the blowing machinery doesnt have enough pressure to dense pack the insulation and prevent settling.

2013-05-23 15:21:56
Weatherization Assitance Programs Worth Supporting | Greenest Insulation Blog says:

[...] Throughout the nation the Home Weatherization Assistance Program (HWAP) has run into hard times due to a large decrease in federal funding. In Ohio HWAP is still alive and well, thanks in large part to effective use of remaining available funds and a productive partnership between agencies, utilities, and industry. Nowhere is that responsible fiscal management and private sector partnership more evident than in the 30-county southeastern Ohio area served by the Corporation for Ohio Appalachian Development (COAD) and the 17 community action agencies that form the COAD consortium. CIMA members often work to support COAD projects. [...]