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CIMA Member Advanced Fiber Supplies Insulation For Major Ohio Retrofit

A block-by-block retrofit project in the small town of Murray City, Ohio, that included cellulose insulation provided by CIMA member Advanced Fiber Technology, is an excellent example of the effective implementation of The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and Weatherization Assistance Program.

This award-winning project has been covered extensively on by energy and environment contributor Justin Gerdes. His most recent post shares insights into how the ambitious project came together and provides tips for other towns interested in replicating the model.

One of the key factors was involvement by Tom Calhoun with the Corporation for Ohio Appalachian Development (COAD). Advanced Fiber Technology and CIMA have worked with COAD on previous initiatives. The organization, along with progressive Ohio companies like Advanced Fiber Technology, have shown continuing leadership in bringing forward innovative weatherization programs that save money for consumers and reduce energy consumption which helps the environment.

cellulose insulation manufacturers association dan lea & doug leuthold

Dan Lea and Doug Leuthold

“We were pleased to have had the opportunity to be a supplier to the Murray City project,” said Doug Leuthold, Advanced Fiber President and CIMA Board Treasurer. “It’s exciting to see the results of this project with such positive benefits due to the use of cellulose insulation and other innovative energy-saving products.”

CIMA Executive Director Dan Lea says cellulose insulation is the most effective insulation for retrofit projects with its ability to be blown into the walls of existing structures, typically without the need for demolition. “A CIMA Producer Member can provide more information on the technique. Contact one in your area to learn more.”

Know of other innovative retrofit projects using cellulose insulation? Leave a reply below and we’ll cover it here on the Greenest Insulation Blog.