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Energy Efficiency Going Mainstream

At the Greenest Insulation Blog we track all things energy-efficiency related. The volume of stories online about the subject has been growing steadily for the past year. It’s interesting to see a major retailer like Best Buy beginning to embrace the concept. Learn more in this story from Reuters about their new consumer Home Energy Learning Centers.

We will continue to track this trend of energy efficiency going mainstream.

2011-11-21 18:48:44
Ray says:

There has been some incentive to be more energy efficient with rebates and overall cost savings. I think many people want to be more energy efficient, but we have to build quality appliances that are cost effective to entice them. As for larger projects, I think we have to continue the incentives to continue to see the rise in demand for energy efficiencies. If someone wanted to do an energy audit, where would be find an applicable contractor? Has anyone used Angie's List?