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Energy Tax Credits Still Available

It’s that time of year when most homeowners begin to think about higher winter energy bills. Even for folks in Texas just feeling relief from their scorching record breaking heat wave, thoughts of the last few brutal winters will be on their minds. Homeowners in northern climates thinking about improving appliances and upgrading insulation may not realize there are programs to help save on the cost of improving energy efficiency. In these tight economic times it can be hard to consider the upfront investment even when the payoff is easy to grasp. The Greenest Insulation Blog would like to remind everyone that there are still programs and funds available to help offset the investment. (more…)

2011-10-28 08:57:55
Tax credits avaialble for products like cellulose insulation. | Greenest … | Energy Grants says:

[...] products like cellulose insulation are still available to homeowners and can return huge savings. energy rebates – Google Blog Search This entry was posted in Energy Rebates and tagged avaialble, cellulose, Credits, Greenest, [...]

2011-11-08 14:08:37
Lenny Hershelman says:

i dont think what u said is really true, sorry to say that

2011-11-09 15:22:13
CIMA Admin says:

Mr. Hershelman:

Thank you for our comment. I am not exactly sure what information you have concerns with in this post. I am currently renovating an older home. The project includes adding cellulose insulation in the attic to increase the RValue and purchasing new energy efficient hot water heater and appliances. (There was actually a sale on a qualifying water heater.) I will be taking advantage of both the Federal Tax Credit and a local utility company rebate. Together, all this will result in several hundred dollars in initial savings on the cost of the improvements. And of course I will enjoy lower monthly energy bills.

The Federal Tax Credit is available nationally. Local programs vary but as we noted in the post there are many available across the country.

Thanks again for reading and participating here on the Greenest Insulation blog.


Jim Doyle


2012-02-22 21:37:18
br engineering says:

designed a special cabinet for water heater outside. cannot use cellulose insulation near the gas exhaust or entrapping heat hence i will fill it with fiberglass as the standard water insulation jackets are made.... comment to counter this assumption?

2012-02-23 08:30:21
Dan Lea says:

Without knowing more about your enclosure I couldn't presume to comment. If you are planning to fill an enclosed space containing a gas burner with loose fill insulation I doubt that our fiber glass colleagues would approve either. If you are planning to wrap the tank with a batt to supplement the insulation in the walls of the tank, you could use either a fiber glass batt or a cellulose batt.