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Green Can Spring From Many Innovations

It’s Robert Moog’s 78th birthday! You may be asking yourself what that has to do with cellulose insulation or green products in general? Nothing and everything.

Google revolutionized the way most people search for and research information. That innovation has just about eliminated the need for the printed encyclopedia (sorry Britannica) thus minimizing a waste paper stream resulting in a net green effect. Today, on the birthday of the Moog Synthesizer inventor, Google has used its innovative photo of moog synthesizer an unintended green innovation
approach to branding to convert its logo to an actual Moog Synthesizer. Unlike an original Moog that was a rather bulky keyboard device with lots of patch bays and cords, Google has replicated it as the logo on their Home Page complete with a tape recorder. Go to and give it a try. It’s amazing. You can get all those cool Moog sounds…It’s a virtual replica through the continuing innovation of the digital age.

Cellulose Insulation continues to innovate upon a clever idea that has been around since Jefferson’s Monticello where paper was used as an insulation. Since that time, cellulose insulation has evolved to be one of the most innovative green building products. Today, as the digital age continues to drive electronic communication, cellulose manufacturers are looking for innovative new alternatives to the standard recycled newspaper as raw material for their products. Cardboard and other types of waste paper are being used in ever increasing quantities. This innovation is allowing the industry to play an even larger role in green building.

The Greenest Insulation Blog salutes Mr. Moog for his great invention, and Google on recognizing his innovation and playing upon it with their own innovative twist allowing all of us to play a Moog today. In fact, we salute all the innovative ideas that are likely incubating right now that may be intended as green or become green by default.

If you know of one please share it in a comment here.