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Installing Cellulose Insulation Directly To Roof Sheathing

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Gared E. asked:

Can cellulose insulation be installed directly to the roof sheathing without baffles or an air gap. There are installed roof and soffit vents as if the house was to have a vented attic and then everything has been blocked off with cellulose insulation. It is a new construction home.


The unvented dense packed design is the recommended way to insulate cathedral or cathedralized ceilings with cellulose insulation. Below is a document with a detailed discussion of this issue and two statements of CIMA’s position on the matter. Click on any to read more.


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Unvented Packed Cavity Roof-Ceiling Assemblies-CIMA

CIMA Unvented letter - April 28 2003

2020-06-12 06:43:07
joshua wienholt says:

Very informative article and on point. Really helpful thank you for sharing.