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Leading The Way Toward Carbon Neutral Housing

The European Union and several of its member nations are moving forward rapidly with the concept of lowering the carbon footprint of houses. Concerns over climate change have driven this movement but many groups are now recognizing the practical implications–carbon neutral houses generally offer significantly lower operating costs.

In Great Britain gas emissions have to be reduced by 80% by 2050 and all buildings have to be carbon zero or neutral by 2020. Estimates are those goals will require some 600,000 homes to be retrofitted annually. Many of those retrofit projects will include adding and upgrading insulation since, like their American counterparts, many older homes in Great Britain are likely under insulated.

British Architects are beginning to take a leading role in the quest for carbon neutrality. A recent story from England on the Guardian Professional HousingnetworkBlog provides insight from Architect Nick Wilson. He proposes many practical design applications, including retrofitting insulation, that could be funded by local initiatives. (more…)