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Over 2,000 Completed The Insulation IQ Sweepstakes

Washington, DC (January 18, 2011)–CIMA challenged visitors to its website in November and December 2010 to test their insulation IQ for a chance at winning a trip to the Super Bowl. On January 18th, Margo Eastlund of Washington, DC was drawn at random and is headed to Dallas for the trip of a lifetime. CIMA member Shan Maitra of Fiberlite Technologies presented the award.

“I was intrigued when I found the quiz on the CIMA website, “says Eastlund. “We attended the Inc. Magazine awards recently and there were a few companies recognized for their energy efficient and recycled products so this kind of thing was on my mind as I was surfing around the net. I never dreamed it would lead to the Super Bowl.”

Eastlund was certainly surprised when the call came notifying her she had won the trip to see Super Bowl XLV in Dallas in February.“I have never had the chance to attend the game before so it is really exciting. “says Eastlund.

Contestants had to answer six questions about cellulose insulation in order to register. Over 2,000 people successfully completed the quiz, increasing their insulation IQ while registering to win. They also learned more about the value and benefits of using Eco-friendly cellulose insulation to keep their homes protected from the elements.

The promotion was designed to encourage people interested in learning more about insulation to discover the many unique benefits of using cellulose insulation. The answers were available on the website and allowed participants to discover just a few of the key factors that make cellulose the superior insulation material:

  • Excellent insulating properties
  • Superior R Values for Conduction, Convection, Radiation and Infiltration
  • Up to 85% recycled content diverting tons and tons of paper annually from landfills
  • Low embodied energy requiring up to 8 times less energy to produce than fiberglass and 64 times less than foam insulation

Cellulose is also one of the oldest types of insulating material dating back to Jefferson’s Monticello. According to CIMA Executive Director Dan Lea, cellulose is finally coming into its prime recently with so much interest in saving energy and the environment.

“It’s the prefect solution for keeping homes warmer and controlling global warming, “says Lea. “What could be more practical than reusing discarded newspapers to make homes more energy efficient. It just makes sense.”

Lea and CIMA are already making plans for the next learn-and-win sweepstakes. The new contest will once again challenge website visitors to increase their knowledge about insulation and saving energy in order to win.

“We were pleased this promotion attracted so many new visitors to our website, “says Lea. “Look for more ways to learn and win with cellulose insulation in the future on our website.”

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