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Ryland Homes Gets It When It Comes To Cellulose Insulation

For most new home buyers, their builder is the source of awareness for the products that go into building their new home. When it comes to what’s behind the walls and above the ceiling home buyers become even less involved in the decision making process.

Typically, the important products a consumer doesn’t see can be some of the most important elements of a new home. Unfortunately, they are just not in the same class as paint colors, flooring, cabinets and counter tops when it comes to customer selection. Typically, for items like insulation, the buyer is led by the builder based on what is specified in plans by an architect or recommended by a supplier. When that path does not lead to building products with high recycled content that also provide high energy efficiencies, the environment can suffer.

Even though President Obama called insulation “sexy stuff” a few years ago, many builders don’t emphasize which product they use and why, or the value it adds to their homes. One builder that does get it is Ryland Homes. This national builder specifies cellulose insulation. They also promote it as part of their innovative Ryland’s HouseWorks program where they feature Cocoon Insulation from CIMA member GreenFiber.

Ryland is not alone. Many other local, regional and national builders specify green products like cellulose insulation. It’s important for home buyers to know what’s behind the walls of their home. It also helps builders to differentiate why new homes can be a better value than buying an older home. The fact is, newer homes are much more energy efficient. And when a new home includes products like cellulose insulation that contain high recycled content, low embodied energy, lower the carbon footprint of homes and provide excellent energy saving benefits, everybody wins.