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Ryland Uses Cellulose Insulation To Sell Homes

Jacksonville, FL (November 26, 2010)National builder Ryland Homes is using cellulose insulation and its many unique benefits to help differentiate its homes. Branded under the builder’s exclusive HouseWorks program, cellulose insulation has become a key part of the positioning Ryland uses to sell the superior quality of their homes. According to Amber Williams, Northeast Florida Marketing Manager, cellulose is a way for the builder to differentiate its homes from the rest of the market.

“We have really worked hard to create a compelling demonstration for the benefits of using cellulose insulation exclusively in our homes, “says Williams. “It’s our standard product and we include it in presentations made to potential new home buyers.”

Ryland model centers include a HouseWorks display that demonstrates how cellulose insulation is superior to fiberglass in a variety of ways. The displays include side-by-side comparisons of wall sections insulated with fiberglass and cellulose. Customers can use a blow dryer to heat a thermometer embedded in both sides of the wall to see how much cooler the cellulose side remains even under intense heat. The display also lists the many other benefits offered with cellulose including fire safety and sound proofing.

“Our sales counselors really like the sound proofing demonstration,” said Williams. “They immersed a loud siren in a bucket of cellulose insulation and watch the reaction from customers as the noise becomes almost inaudible.”

Ryland also offers a special master bedroom interior wall upgrade with cellulose insulation added to increase the sound proofing inside their homes. Cellulose insulation and Ryland’s HouseWorks program helps to add an extra value that creates a sales advantage. The program is also included on the website. Ryland has partnered with CIMA producer member Green Fiber on its HouseWorks program for the last few years and has seen the advantage demonstrating the value of cellulose insulation can be for new homes sales.

For more information on the benefits of cellulose insulation in a new home, visit a Ryland Sales Center.

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