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Weatherizing Homes: Winter of Discontent

The record winter that 2011 is producing across the nation is focusing more people to seriously think about green building and home weatherization. This snowy, icy cold winter comes on the heals of very frigid seasons in 2010. As the energy bills go up, resistance is falling to the ideas of investing in tighter sealed homes with better insulation and energy alternatives. All of a sudden, green building is starting to leave more green in the pockets of homeowners with better weatherized houses. Interest in weatherization incentives and rebates offered by the federal government, and similar programs from state and local agencies, are at an all-time high as homeowners look to improve their dwellings and reduce their monthly energy costs. (more…)

2011-02-18 21:07:09
Dan Kolbert says:

My google alerts just pointed me to your blog. Thanks for the kind words. We believe that the first choice for insulating high-performance new homes should be cellulose. We use other products sparingly and only when we need to.