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Cellulose Insulation Info - For Architects, Builders & Contractors

Cellulose Insulation Info For Architects, Builders,
Contractors & Other Industry Professionals


CIMA and its Producer Members work closely with industry professionals to provide the latest information on insulation, and with the best cellulose insulation products available on the market today. This section of the website is intended as a resource for architects, builders, contractors, building officials and other construction industry professionals to learn more about the benefits of cellulose insulation.

The 21st Century is bringing change and innovation at a rapid pace to the construction industry as consumers and governments search for ways to the reduce energy consumption, lower carbon footprints and minimize the impacts on climate change. The importance of energy saving products like insulation has never been greater. Green Building has gone from a buzz word to a prerequisite for best practices as more and more homeowners and businesses seek real solutions that will reduce energy bills and help the environment.

Cellulose insulation, with its excellent insulating characteristics, valuable ancillary benefits and superior environmental properties, is the choice of industry professionals looking for proven green products that live up to their claims. Specifying cellulose insulation allows industry professionals to embrace this new era of construction innovation and assist with the effort to improve the living environments of their customers while also lowering the impacts to the environment from construction.

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More information is also available on CIMA's Greenest Insulation Blog. Have a specific question about cellulose insulation not covered here on the website? Contact us any time for assistance.