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Cellulose Insulation products are available at retail home centers for certain "do it yourself" applications such as blowing insulation into a house attic. However, CIMA recommends consumers use a professional insulation contractor for all installations to obtain the best results from the product and highest potential energy savings.

Use the search tool here to find Producers that service your state. They can provide a list of retailers that sell cellulose insulation, and referrals for contractors experienced and knowledgeable in how to properly install cellulose insulation for the highest possible energy saving benefits. Select a state from the dropdown list and click submit.

The information provided by our producer members is not intended to be a complete list of insulation contractors and installers in your area. You may also find contractors online and in the phone book. We suggest you consult your local better business bureau to learn more about insulation contractors in your area.

Contact CIMA for additional information or assistance finding cellulose insulation products or qualified installation contractors.

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