2011 International Builder Show Is Green Again

The International Builder Show returns to Orlando January 12 – 15, 2011 and is sure to feature the latest green trends in the housing industry. January 13 is slated as the 4th Annual Green Day by the NAHB. In fact, there are at least 24 educational seminars and classes for attendees designated as Green Building/Sustainability.

As the residential construction industry continues to redefine itself in the wake of the ever-changing economic, energy and environmental landscape, it’s good to know that one building product was, is and always will be green—Cellulose Insulation.

Green Then. Green Today. Green Tomorrow.

You could think of cellulose insulation as the “aspirin” of the green building and sustainability construction industry: a wonder product. Cellulose Insulation has been there and done that long before green was cool and sustainability was the gold standard. It’s one of the oldest forms of insulation dating back to the construction of Jefferson’s Monticello. Since then, it has evolved into one of the most efficient insulation materials offering a host of benefits beyond its superior insulating properties:

  • Cellulose is the oldest building insulation material
  • Highly effective insulation & energy savings properties
  • Low Embodied Energy (10x less than Fiberglass, 64x less than Foam)
  • Diverts up to a Million Tons of paper from landfills annually
  • Up to 85% post consumer recycled newspaper

If you’re looking for great trends in what’s new in sustainable construction attend the IBS website at www.buildersshow.com.  To learn more about the benefits of cellulose insulation visit www.cellulose.org.


Happy New Year from the Cellulose Manufacturers Association—Green Always.

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