Cellulose Insulation retrofit like adding a warm scarf around your cold houseThe Cellulose Insulation Manufacturers Association is challenging homeowners to learn more about how to upgrade their insulation with a special promotion on One lucky contestant will win the prize that keeps on giving heating and cooling energy cost savings year-after-year: A Total Cellulose Insulation Retrofit Upgrade for their home!

Regular Greenest of the Green readers already know that cellulose insulation has exceptional insulating characteristics and a wealth of environment benefits. But you may not know that it’s also one of the best products for retrofitting new insulation into existing homes. In fact, cellulose has been the standard material for insulation retrofits for more than 30 years. It can easily be blown into attics on top of older insulation and dense packed into walls, where it flows smoothly around wires and pipes, creating a tight, continuous thermal barrier. This is particularly important in older homes built years ago with little or no insulation in their exterior walls.

Upgrading older insulation offers one of the quickest returns on investment with the potential to save the homeowner hundreds of dollars annually. As consumers weather another fierce winter season, and face the certain prospect of higher energy costs with skyrocketing fuel prices, improving the insulation in a home is becoming a high priority.  There are still Federal Tax Credits available and many states are offering incentives as well. A recent story from New York provides just one example of the benefits of retrofitting insulation to homeowners and how the states are helping them embrace the idea.

The CIMA Extreme Retrofit Sweepstakes is designed to reward everyone who participates by increasing consumer knowledge about how to improve their home insulation and save. To enter, visit and take the short Extreme Retrofit quiz. You must score 100% to be eligible to win but it’s an open book test that anyone can pass as all answers are available on the website. The sweepstakes is open through the end of March.  The winner will be selected at random from all successful entries and be announced on the CIMA Website Home Page April 1st. Visit the website for complete rules and regulations.

The grand prize includes up to $5,000 to complete a cellulose insulation retrofit of the winner’s primary home. CIMA will also conduct a blower door test before and after the retrofit to demonstrate the air permeability tightness of the home, and work with the homeowner to compare utility costs for a year. Those results will be posted here at the Greenest of the Green to demonstrate the savings for the homeowner and the reduced greenhouse emissions for the home that will also do a little to help save the planet.

Good luck and stay tuned for more ways to go green and save with cellulose insulation.

Dan Lea, CIMA Executive Director

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