Extreme Retrofit Winners Get Blower Door Test

CIMA awarded the Extreme Insulation Retrofit to a Kentucky couple selected at random in April from the hundreds who visited the online sweepstakes.

(L-R: Jerry Robinson, Robinson Insulation, Russell Buckman, Cell-Pak, Bob Eipert, Bremen Energy Auditors, winners David and Susan Heath

Now, CIMA is blowing the door out of the Extreme Insulation Retrofit winner’s house. Well, to clarify, the air is being blown out the front door in a blower door test to identify air leaks in the home of David and Susan Heath as the first step toward their retrofit.

CIMA producer member David Parr and his team from Cell Pak are making ready to upgrade the 3,000+ square foot home with cellulose insulation. The first step of a proper retrofit is to determine air leaks by a professional energy auditor, says Parr. Cell Pak enlisted the support of Berman Energy Auditors to perform a “blower door” test. The process involves mounting a special high-speed fan in the frame of a main exterior door of a home. The fan pulls air out of the home lowering the air pressure inside and draws in higher pressure outside air through leaks and unsealed openings.

EnergySavers.gov website lists some important reason for establishing the proper tightness and seal of a home:

  • Reducing energy consumption due to air leakage
  • Avoiding moisture condensation problems
  • Avoiding uncomfortable drafts caused by cold air leaking in from the outdoors
  • Making sure that the home’s air quality is not too contaminated by indoor air pollution.

One of the best ways to achieve a tightly sealed home is by using cellulose insulation. It offers high R-Values and when properly installed can provide a very tight seal by filling walls and attics to a level that simply can’t be achieved with standard batt insulation. Cellulose fills all the nooks and crannies in attics, seals around HVAC vents, and completely surrounds the plumbing pipes and conduits that are behind the drywall in most house.

Cellulose Insulation Extreme Retrofit Sweepstakes Blower Door Test

The CIMA team prepares the “blower door” to test winners house.

The blower door test results will help the CIMA retrofit team better identify where air leaks are occurring in the Heath’s home. The retrofit will be handled by Robinson Insulation. They will be able to better target where to add insulation to seal up the Heath’s home along with generally improving their overall insulation and R-Values.

We will continue to follow the story here at The Greenest of the Green. The Heaths have agreed to share their home energy bills to allow tracking the improvement pre and post their retrofit. This will be the prize that keeps on giving for years to come in lower monthly bills and potential increased home value. Look for more in the coming months. We also invite you to share your stories about improvements from adding cellulose insulation in your home with a comment on this blog.

Visit CIMA online any time to learn more about the benefits of cellulose insulation.

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