Insulation: It’s Not Just A Winter Blanket

Memorial Day. The traditional kickoff of summertime. Our thoughts fade of cold winter months–and many look forward to lower monthly energy bills. But don’t forget that buzzing you will soon hear while sitting on the porch will more often be from air conditioners than cicadas.

The CIMA website activity tends to reflect the public misconception that home insulation is primarily a protection against winter’s colder temperatures. The visitor traffic historically falls off some from late spring through the early summer months as the weather gets warmer. Since much of the nation has colder winter climates it’s natural that as the season changes the focus on energy-efficiency wanes.

This thinking is flawed for two reasons. First, the time to retrofit or increase insulation in a house is not during the colder months. Just as important is the savings that can be realized by having better insulation in the warmer summer months. A well insulated home can save the owner 25 percent or more on cooling bills.

Insulating a home is more like creating a thermos than a blanket. Most people know that they can keep hot things hotter and cold things colder for longer periods of time when they use a thermos. The same goes for insulating a house. No matter whether that house is in Maine or Miami. The benefits of insulation and a tightly sealed home pay huge dividends.

The next time you pack that cooler for a summer picnic or trip to the beach think of your house. If that cooler is high quality chances are there will still be ice frozen inside hours later (if not it’s probably time to buy a new cooler.) You can get that same insulating quality, and excellent savings on energy bills in the summer, in your home.

So think of insulation as a thermos rather than a winter blanket. With the proper insulation a house can keep on delivering energy savings all year round.

Enjoy your summer–and don’t forget that insulation retrofit project!

Dan Lea

CIMA Executive Director

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