Electric Co-Ops Know About Saving Energy

Electric cooperatives (co-ops), unlike other types of electric utility companies, are beholden only to their members. Essentially each customer is a member and “owner” of the company. As such, electric co-ops have always tended to be progressive and aggressive in finding ways to reduce energy consumption to deliver electric at the best possible value to their members. These companies really know all about the importance of saving energy. They have to in order to keep “themselves” as satisfied customers.

Photo of Mark Henderson and Doug Rye

Nu-Wool President Mark Henderson(R) with Doug Rye on his nationally-syndicated radio program.

Electric co-ops have long been on the forefront of energy efficiency. Most of these are smaller companies highly interested in finding ways to conserve energy in order to reduce the cost of providing electricity. In many cases, electric co-ops often identify and recommend products like cellulose insulation that are highly effective in saving energy. In fact, my co-op, Pioneer Electric Cooperative, in western Ohio, has partnered with CIMA member Nu-Wool to sponsor appearances by Doug Rye on the benefits of the product, and in an energy-efficient demonstration home that was insulated with cellulose.

We have seen other such initiatives by electric co-ops recommending cellulose insulation, among other energy saving products, to their members. A story this month on Craighead Electric Cooperative in Arkansas is  one of many examples where co-ops have identified the value of cellulose insulation in home energy saving programs.

Post a comment and let us know if you are aware of examples where electric cooperatives are recommending cellulose insulation. We are also happy to help any cooperative partner with a CIMA Producer Member company to develop consumer oriented programs similar to those right here in my backyard of Western Ohio. We share the goal of finding ways to save energy and reduce the cost of heating and cooling homes across the nation. Visit CIMA’s website as always to learn more about cellulose insulation.

Dan Lea, CIMA Executive Director


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