CIMA Offers Presentations On Saving Energy

It is certainly no secret that energy costs are rising for U.S. households and businesses. While the estimates vary, studies in the past few years have put the average energy cost for the typical household ranging from 10 to as much as 20 percent of after tax income–hitting lower income families the hardest.

CIMA Insulation Presentation SlideWith the impact on families and businesses so high, it’s really no surprise that the discussion around the water cooler, and on Capitol Hill, continues to be on how to save energy and reduce costs. As the search for solutions and alternative energy continues in earnest, one sure solution is better insulation. Understanding the cost/benefits and options for increasing and improving insulation in homes and businesses is a critical component to reducing the cost of energy today and into the future.

The Cellulose Insulation Manufacturers Association and its producer members maintain the most current information on cellulose and other insulation products. In addition to hosting its website and publishing the Greenest of the Green blog, CIMA staff and members make informational presentations to many groups and organizations annually.

A professional presentation by CIMA includes the latest information on energy efficiency, insulation properties, how to properly install insulation and the unique benefits associated with using cellulose in homes and buildings. CIMA routinely updates a PowerPoint program that is used by its members when making presentations. This program offers a wide range of information and technical data presented in easy-to-understand visuals and graphics.

If you have a group interested in learning more about insulation, contact CIMA Executive Director Dan Lea at to inquire about how to schedule a presentation.

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