Energy Tax Credits Still Available

It’s that time of year when most homeowners begin to think about higher winter energy bills. Even for folks in Texas just feeling relief from their scorching record breaking heat wave, thoughts of the last few brutal winters will be on their minds. Homeowners in northern climates thinking about improving appliances and upgrading insulation may not realize there are programs to help save on the cost of improving energy efficiency. In these tight economic times it can be hard to consider the upfront investment even when the payoff is easy to grasp. The Greenest Insulation Blog would like to remind everyone that there are still programs and funds available to help offset the investment.

Federal Tax Credits
Many people may not be aware that federal energy tax credits did not end in 2010. While the program did change to reduce the amount of tax credit allowed in 2011 there are still incentives available this year. In fact, there are federal programs to assist in financing energy-efficiency improvements available through 2016. This article from the website in Texas provides a good recap of the program. Information is also available at the DOE’s website.

State & Local Credits
There are also a wide variety of state and local programs from state governments, local municipalities and utility companies that offer rebates and incentives for energy improvements. The DSIRE website also from Department of Energy is a comprehensive resource of such programs from across the nation. Combining federal, state, local and utility rebates and incentives can really add up to help reduce the initial investment.

There may be other local incentives and manufacturers often offer discounts on their products. Be sure to check locally for additional ways to pay for making your home more energy efficient and keep in mind the environment by choosing Eco-friendly products with high post consumer waste content like cellulose insulation.

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