Hurricanes, Floods and Storms Oh My

A quick glance across the news spectrum over the past few months finds the topic of climate change is heating up. Major news outlets have frequently run stories on the topic linking severe weather to climate change. The debate rages on as record high temperatures are recorded, and now many recent weather-related incidents have occurred adding severe storms to the discussion.

The topic surfaces here at the Greenest Insulation Blog triggered by an insightful article in the Washington Post this week. This article was triggered by a study on the subject by the country’s leading climate and weather researchers to be published in the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society. According to an excerpt noted by the Post in their excellent interpretation of the findings–as with most aspects of climate change, the answers are mostly cloudy.

Is there a consensus at the consumer level? Are more consumers buying into green building products like cellulose insulation, low-e windows, etc. as extreme temperatures and weather events are tied to climate change? Will the political landscape shift back toward climate change post the election season and as the U.S. economy continues to climb out of the great recession?

As with all things weather related–it’s often hard to get an accurate forecast. What’s your prediction.


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