CIMA Makes Finding Cellulose Insulation Contractors Easy

cellulose insulation retrofit by qualified installer

Cellulose Insulation Retrofit Installation

Installing cellulose insulation in a new home or upgrading an older home is a great way to improve energy efficiency and save money for years to come on home energy bills. In fact, it’s one of the quickest return on investments for home energy improvements and a great way to add resale value.

The best way to get the maximum efficiency and savings from cellulose insulation is to prepare in advance, and to have it installed by a professional contractor knowledgeable in the proper techniques for installing cellulose insulation. It can be difficult though to find local insulation contractors with expertise in cellulose insulation.

CIMA and its producer members can help. Our website has a convenient Find Insulation Contractors page that makes it easy to get referrals. Just search by your state and get a list of cellulose insulation producer members who can provide a list of companies highly qualified to install cellulose insulation. Best of all, you will be getting installation advice directly from one of the premier companies around the nation that produce high-quality cellulose insulation. So the installers they refer are assured to use a quality product that is manufactured to the latest industry standards by a Cellulose Insulation Manufacturers Association member.

So get your plans in order to take advantage of the reinstated Federal Tax Credits for adding insulation and contact a cellulose insulation producer for free advice and referrals to find qualified cellulose insulation contractors and installers in your area.

It’s the best way to lower your energy bills and to help the environment while you’re at it by installing The Greenest of the Green cellulose insulation.

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