CIMA’s National Fiber Announces Innovative Recycling Program

Greenest Insulation Blog is always on the lookout for innovative green ideas. CIMA producer member National Fiber has a new twist on the well known recycling aspects of cellulose insulation. The company is launching a program to recycle cellulose insulation bags into Trex alternative decking and railing products.

Trex Company, the world’s largest manufacturer of high-performance wood-alternative decking and railing, has launched the recycling program for National Fiber’s cellulose packaging in the Northeast US. The program is already in place in the Belchertown, MA area and will systematically expand to cover National Fiber’s entire distribution area over the next year. A leader in green and sustainable production, National Fiber’s Cel-Pak cellulose is composed of 85% recycled newsprint. Now the bags the product is packaged in can be recycled for a higher purpose, and kept out of landfills.

Many of National Fiber’s professional installers have been searching for a way to recycle the plastic bags the product is packaged in. “Our installers and their customers are very conscious of the environment, energy savings and doing everything they can to reduce waste,” said Chris White, Director of Sales for National Fiber. “They want to be able to recycle everything they can. By partnering with Trex Company, we’ve found a way to not just recycle our packaging, but to ‘upcycle’ the bags into another high-quality, sustainable building product.” National Fiber has established collection points for Cel-Pak bags throughout the central Massachusetts area, and is working with their vast distributor network throughout the Northeastern US to expand collections rapidly.

Weatherization Assistance Program Summit at White House

CIMA’s Chris Hock (L) at White House

National Fiber has been manufacturing cellulose insulation in Belchertown, MA since 1978. MacGregor Bay Corporation has owned the business since 1997. Company president Chris Hoch, also current president of the Cellulose Insulation Manufacturers Association (CIMA,) is a noted expert on insulation, energy efficiency and weatherization. He spoke last year at the White House weatherization summit and has lead the company, and CIMA, in many important initiatives. National Fiber also sponsored two teams in the 2011 Solar Decathalon.

Contact National Fiber at (800) 282-7711 to learn more about their bag recycling program with Trex.

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