MN Department of Commerce Has Excellent Home Energy Guide

Home Envelop from the MN Dept of CommerceEach region of the country is different when it comes to home energy needs. However, they are all the same in one respect: properly sealing and insulating a home saves a homeowner money whether it’s cold in Minnesota, steaming in Florida, hot in Arizona or humid in Washington. That’s why the Minnesota Department of Commerce website matters no matter where you live in the U.S.

There are many good resources online for finding information about how to make a home, office or building more energy efficient. These include informational websites such as this one from the Cellulose Insulation Manufacturers Association, websites for news outlets, blogs like right here at the Greenest Insulation, GreenBuildingAdvisor and many others, and governmental portals ranging from the U.S. Department of Energy’s to many excellent state and local websites.

One very good resource available online is the Home Envelope on the Minnesota Department of Commerce website. Billed as “an energy guide to help you keep the outside out and the inside in,” it’s a downloadable PDF document of 40+ colorful pages filled with excellent tips and suggestions on how to make a home more energy efficient. And it’s a safe bet, what’s good for keeping homes warmer in a freezing Minnesota winter is good for keeping homes cool in a sweltering Arizona summer, or anywhere in between.

This Home Envelope is an interesting and informative read packed with helpful tips and instructions on how to improve home energy efficiency. Best of all, it’s free advice that can help homeowners anywhere save on their utility bills and help save the environment by reducing energy consumption.

Following the steps outlined for reviewing a home’s energy efficiency in the Guide will quickly lead many homeowners, particularly those with older homes, to one of the easiest and most efficient energy upgrades: caulking and adding more insulation. These two steps provide the quickest fix and adding insulation offers the fastest recovery on the investment and can improve the resale value of a home. It can get confusing very quickly though on what insulation is the best and where to find a qualified insulation contractor. The CIMA website offers a convenient search-by-state feature that leads to contacts for cellulose insulation manufacturers that can assist consumers with recommendations.

Get the Guide and get busy on improving the energy efficiency of your home.

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