Cellulose Insulation Salutes Earth Day 2014

GOTG LogoEarth Day is recognized in some 190 countries around the world.  As concerns over climate change continue to raise awareness for the environment billions of people are more tuned in than ever to the need for energy efficiency.  Earth Day is a rallying point and one of the true universally recognized dates around the globe.

On Earth Day, and every day, the Cellulose Insulation Manufactures Association (CIMA) walks the green building talk.  Cellulose Insulation is the Greenest of the Green®.  CIMA has trademarked this statement as a commitment of its producer members to provide the most Eco-friendly products in the building insulation industry.  In this time of global environmental challenges, solutions may seem daunting.  Often it’s the simple things that can make a huge difference.  Recycling paper into building insulation instead of having it decompose in landfills is one such solution that provides a simple and logical opportunity for helping the environment.

Insulating homes and buildings around the U.S. and beyond is a great way to save energy and reduce carbon emissions.  Using cellulose insulation offers many environmental benefits.  Making it the go-to building insulation product makes sense – on Earth Day and everyday.

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