Winter Weather Prediction: Add Insulation Regardless Of Predictions

house with snow on roof sign of poor insulaton

Snow standing on roof is a sign of good attic insulation

Early predictions for the 2014-15 Winter Weather season are mixed as is the case about every year.  However, many forecasters are anticipating another cold, wet and snowy winter for much of the US.

Regardless of predictions, the fact is September brings the first hints of a break from summer heat and for many thoughts of the coming winter.  This also triggers homeowners to start thinking about insulation.  Traffic on the Cellulose Insulation Manufacturers Association (CIMA) website also begins to increase as further indicator of the trend.  For much of the nation above the Mason-Dixon Line it is always cold enough at some point every winter to consider weatherization projects.  And nothing provides quicker returns and more long-lasting results than adding or upgrading insulation in a home.

Many states are offering special weatherization and insulation incentives for their homeowners.  Ohio is a great example of where residents can take advantage of a variety of programs. Check this recent article by John Funk on the Cleveland Plain Dealer website.  He provides his insights on the impending winter weather and increasing natural gas prices as enough reason to consider one of the many excellent opportunities to save with state incentives.

CIMA recommends homeowners plan their weatherization projects now rather than waiting until the cold weather hits.  Insulation contractors get as backed up in December and January as air conditioning repair men do in June and July.  Research to find state and local programs similar to those in Ohio that can reduce or offset the cost.  Check the Department of Energy’s DSIRE website that has a database of incentive programs for every state.  Also check local sources like utility company and daily newspaper websites for information.  CIMA Producer Members also offer a Cellulose Insulation Contractor referrals on the CIMA Website.

Get started now on planning a home weatherization improvement and take a bite out of winter before the cold weather takes a bite out of your pocketbook with high heating bills.


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