Top Five Things To Do On Earth Day 2015

CIMA Earth Day Planet GraphicEarth day was conceived in 1969 at a UNESCO conference held in San Francisco. Renowned activist in multiple disciplines John McConnell proposed a date in which we celebrate the Earth and honor the idea of peace. From those beginnings Earth Day has grown to a world-wide celebration that is observed in over 192 countries.  Here are the Cellulose Insulation Manufacturers Association’s Top 5 Recommended Things To Do On Earth Day:

1.  Get Outdoors and Enjoy Your Planet
Turn off the tube or computer and enjoy as much of the Earth on Earth Day as possible.  It’s a beautiful planet.  There are Earth Day Celebrations across the U.S.  Find many listed here or check your local news sites.

2. Plant A Tree
Plan a tree while out there. It will improve the yard or business while adding another tree to help the environment.

3.  Change To Energy Saving Light Bulbs
Make the switch and change out all those lingering incandescent bulbs as the sun goes down on Earth Day.  This will save on energy bills as well as benefit the environment. They now come in many varieties including warmer colors that feel more like incandescent bulbs.

3.  Upgrade With Cellulose Insulation
Turn your home or office into a carbon sequestration site. Cellulose insulation is basically wood from trees with carbon in place. Trapping it in the attic and walls as insulation keeps carbon from entering the atmosphere for years while also providing excellent insulation properties to reduce energy bills.

4. Bottle Your Own Water
Bottle your own water in a reusable container. Save on all that plastic going to landfills and save money: the mark-up on bottled water is enormous and really just a premium for portability since water is water.

5. Bring Your Own Bag
Carry your own reusable bag instead of letting the boy use plastic bags at the grocery store checkout line.  The groceries often end up strewn all over the car and the bags never decompose in landfills. Many Earth Day celebrations typically sell logo bags.

Happy Earth Day from the Cellulose Insulation Manufacturers Association!



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