Assumption About Dense Packed Cellulose Settling

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Michael D. asked:
I know even with dense packed cellulose in the walls, it will settle because of building movements. ?Will that cause any problems for even 1/2 inch of settlement in the walls? Like moisture issues?

Dense Pack Blown In Cellulose Insulation Wall InstallationThanks for the comment and question. Your assumption is not correct however. When cellulose insulation is packed in a wall cavity at 3.0 to 3.5 pcf it is essentially spring loaded in the cavity. Assuming proper installation we would not expect the insulation to settle. Should settlement occur due to inadequate density (ie: improper installation) the problem would be loss of thermal performance due to greater air infiltration and an insulation void at the top of the cavity. CIMA recommends using an insulation contractor that specializes in cellulose insulation. Find CIMA Producers by states that can provide recommendations.


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