Cellulose Insulation Meets Many of 10 Best Ways to Go Green

Recent Article Lists 10 Best Ways to Go Green in Home Build or Remodel

Geoff Spitzer’s article in the New Hampshire Business Review caught the eye of the Greenest Insulation Blog. This insightful piece offers an excellent list of items homeowners (and building industry professionals) should consider when thinking about making or taking their homes greener to increase energy efficiency.

CIMA Cellulose Insulation Environmental Green Building BenefitsWe are pleased that the first item on the list recommends considering cellulose insulation. It is well documented that adding or upgrading insulation offers immediate benefits and one of the quickest returns on investment. Going with cellulose insulation, The Greenest of the Green, offers the added value of meeting other items on the suggested list:

  • Choose Locally Sourced Materials – Cellulose Insulation is manufactured in local and regional plants
  • Save Trees: Cellulose Insulation is made from recycled paper, which is primarily made from planted pine trees – a renewable source material that does not reduce forest trees. The carbon in that paper is “planted” in the walls and attic of homes, rather than allowed to decompose in landfills, for a carbon sink effect that last for the life of the home.
  • Consider Renewable and Green Materials: There is a reason CIMA trademarked The Greenest of the Green…there is almost no other building material that incorporates as many green building factors and benefits as cellulose insulation.

See Mr. Spitzer’s insightful article and full list of ways to Go Green with homes.


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