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Nick asks:
Hi, I am looking to set up some kind of learning opportunity for my firm to learn more about dense-packed cellulose best practices. We do a lot of commercial projects and are interested in this product knowing the low-carbon footprint compared to spray foam or xps. We are most interested in genuinely understanding the pros, cons, pitfalls, and proper detailing of the product. We are simply trying to seek out the facts and are not interested in a sales pitch. Would you be able to help us out?

Cellulose Insulaton Manufacturers Association Members Offer Professional PresentaitonsThanks for this question and interest from an architect. CIMA regularly receives inquiries like the one above from building design professionals, contractors, and building officials. Many CIMA members have presentations that address various aspects of cellulose insulation from codes and standards, through design and installation, to performance. In many cases presentations by our members are approved for CEU credits by AIA, ICC, or other professional organizations.

If you are like Nick and interested in sponsoring a presentation, webinar, or lunch-and-learn event for your company or professional organization please let us know. We’ll put you in touch with a presenter who is knowledgeable in your area of interest.

Have a question, add it to any post or the Contact Us page here on the Greenest Insulation Blog, or use the Reach Us form on the CIMA website.

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