Made In USA – It’s Harder Than It Sounds

Made in America is much harder to do that to say. The advent of globalization has clouded the “Made in the USA” tag for much of the manufacturing in the nation. Cellulose Insulation Manufacturers Association producer member companies and their products can still make the claim.

Map of cellulose insulation producers in USA

Consumers and businesses interested in using American made building products in their homes will find cellulose insulation the ideal insulation product for such a project. Cellulose Insulation is not only the greenest of the green, it’s also the Made-est in the USA of insulation products. The raw material is recycled paper taken from the waste stream generally within a few hundred miles of the plant where it’s produced. And all Cellulose Insulation Manufacturers Association members are domestic companies producing their products right here in the USA.

CIMA members ascribe to the idea of Think Globally – Act Locally. Their products tend to be regional in nature recycling local newspapers and turning them into highly efficient insulation products that are sold and installed in that same region.

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