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Beer is Green and not just on St. Patrick’s Day!

We came across two interesting pieces of information this week which makes us feel good about our beer drinking. It turns out drinking beer is environmentally friendly – whether it comes in a can or on tap. A new Anheuser-Busch … Continue reading

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Dispelling Myths about Cellulose Insulation

There seems to be a lot of myths surrounding Cellulose Insulation. Namely, that it is made from paper so it must burn easily and that because it is called “cellulose” it must be a food source for mold. Well, quite … Continue reading

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Are You Losing Money Through The Roof?

A study conducted by the University of Colorado School of Architecture shows that Cellulose insulation provides a more effective barrier against air infiltration than traditional insulation materials, one of the key factors in preventing energy loss. In cold weather, research … Continue reading

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