Retrofitting Homes With Cellulose Insulation


Dense Pack Cellulose Insulation Is Perfect For Retrofitting Older Homes

Millions of older homes in the U.S. are under insulated costing homeowners hundreds of dollars annually and wasting energy resources.

Dense pack cellulose insulation is the best product for retrofitting since it not only insulates but also reduces air leakage. An installed density of at least 3.25 lbs/cuft is necessary for the cellulose to also be self- supporting, preventing the cellulose from settling over time.

Retrofitting with cellulose insulation typically is done from the outside of the building for walls and from the attic for roof slopes. A trained insulation contractor can complete the process with limited disruption to the dwelling while homeowners remain in their homes.

Contact a CIMA Producer Member in your state for more information on retrofits and recommendations for contractors experienced in retrofitting with cellulose insulation.

Photo cellulose insulation blown-in installation retrofitting exterior wall of old home