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  1. Michelle Stokes says:

    We are wanting to have cellulose blown into our wall in our 100 year old farm house. We are chosing between two different installers. One will drill a hole half way into the underside of the siding and tube fill the walls. The other installer said he will use the “double-open” method drilling a hole on the underside of the siding at the top and bottom of the walls. Can you tell me what method is recommended? Thank you!

  2. Char Reisinger says:

    We had Cellulose insulation blown into our attic in Sept. of 2013. I was doing our taxes and it is recommented to have the manufacturers certification statement. Is this something we can get from you or do we need to contact our contractor. We would like to be able to access the credit for our taxes. Thanks for your time and assistance.

    Char Reisinger

  3. CB says:

    I am looking for cellulose sound proofing panels……1/2″ x 4′ x 8′ panels in particular. How much am I looking at cost-wise. I need 12 panels.

    thanks man!


  4. janette Del Cid says:

    Hi we are looking to replace our insulation. I have a questions in regards to cellulose insulation, what is the boric acid content if any? Those it have any product that helps with pest control ?

    • CIMA Admin says:

      Thanks for your question. Cellulose insulation is not a generic material so borate content is brand specific. It will generally range from 5% to 15% by weight. There are two brands of cellulose insulation that are registered by the EPA as approved pest control products. They are InCide and T.A.P.

  5. Glenda says:

    I was told by a termite that the cellulose insulation on the concrete walls under my house attracted termites. Is that true

    • CIMA Admin says:

      Your termite company is mistaken. Cellulose insulation uses borate fire retardants, which are unattractive to insects. So the product would not attract termites or any other insect. In fact, there are even some cellulose insulation brands available that are certified pest control products.

  6. Glenda says:

    Should have said termite company. I do not really talk to termites?

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