Welcome to the Search for Green Ideas!

At the Cellulose Insulation Manufactures Association (CIMA), we believe we have the “Greenest” product in the world.

Whether or not you are convinced of climate change, or any other threats to the environment, it is clear that mankind has had a dramatic effect on the planet since the Industrial Revolution. We believe it’s just common sense to embrace ideas that minimize impacts to the environment and to select products that have a positive effect on people’s lives and the environment.

This blog focuses on Cellulose insulation, other ideas for green products and stories about all things related to energy efficiency and environmental awareness. We encourage an open dialogue with questions, comments and submission of stories and other uniquely green products. Our goal is to educate, relate and demonstrate environment stewardship, and perhaps also earn the title “Greenest of the Green”.

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Visit Cellulose.org to learn more about cellulose insulation and the Cellulose Insulation Manufacturers Association.

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