Causes of Damp Cellulose Insulation In Attic

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John  S asks:
I’ve never gone up in my attic right in the spring before and this year I did to install some new lighting. I am noticing that my cellulose insulation feels damp to the touch. Is this normal or should I be concerned? Thank You


Cellulose insulation in attics naturally wicks moisture.

The natural moisture content of cellulose insulation is 8% to 12%. Even at 30%, which is the usual moisture content of wall spray cellulose insulation immediately after application, you probably couldn’t tell there was any added moisture, unless someone told you. If the insulation is, in fact, wet it is because of a water incursion from a roof leak, a pipe leak, condensation on a cold surface, or water entering the attic through a vent. In that case it would be necessary to find the source of the water incursion and make an appropriate repair. Assuming that the insulation isn’t water-saturated it will dry to the 8% to 12% range within a few weeks, if not a few days.

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