Cellulose Insulation Adhesive Properties Explained

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Jason A asks:
I have a question about the adhesive properties of wet spray cellulose insulation. Specifically, does wet spray cellulose insulation permanently self-adhere to the substrate? And can wet spray cellulose insulation on vertically surfaces be left exposed? Thank you!


Cellulose wall cavity spray is Type II spray-applied cellulose insulation as defined by ASTM C1149. Per this standard Type II material is intended “only for enclosed or covered applications.

Fiberlite SATAC and International Cellulose K13 and related products are Type I materials per the ASTM standard for self-supporting spray-applied cellulose insulation, ASTM C1149. They are commonly known as cellulose commercial spray and per the standard are intended for exposed or enclosed applications. They are installed with liquid acrylic adhesive. They are required to support 4X their weight.

By the way, “Wet Spray” cellulose is in no sense “wet.” If you touched a newly-sprayed wall you wouldn’t know there was any added moisture unless someone told you. It is required to support 2X its own weight. It will actually stay in a wall without support, but it isn’t robust enough to remain in place permanently when exposed and subject to normal daily activity.

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