Why Cellulose Insulation Fits Well With Earth Day

Cellulose Insulation Makes Sense Earth Day & Every Day.

With fears of global warming and climate change fast approaching a tipping point, the intent of Earth Day has never been more relevant. Conceived in 1969 at a UNESCO conference held in San Francisco,this noble idea proposed by renowned activist in multiple disciplines John McConnell, to have a day we celebrate the Earth, has grown into a world-wide phenomenon. Today, Earth Day is observed in over 192 countries. It has also become synonymous with the need for taking action in every possible way to increase recycling, reduce energy consumption and minimize dependence on fossil fuels to ward of the effects of climate change, which are indisputable regardless of their causes.

Here are some of the characteristics and benefits that make Cellulose Insulation one of the Greenest of the Green building products (or just about any kind of product):

1.  Up to 85% Recycled Content
Cellulose insulation products have the highest recycled content in the building insulation industry made from up to 85% recycled material, most of it post-consumer waste paper.

2. Reduces Landfill Paper and Related Greenhouse Gases
Cellulose Insulation production diverts tons and tons of paper from landfills where it would decompose releasing tons of carbon into the atmosphere adding to climate change.

3.  Takes Less Energy to Produce Than Other Insulation Product
Embodied energy is the technical term for how much energy is required to manufacture a product. The more energy needed the greater potential for climate change impacts. Cellulose Insulation takes about 64 times less embodied energy to produce than Foam Insulation and 10 times less than fiberglass insulation.

3. Provides Carbon Sequestration Benefits
Trees are one of the biggest “carbon sinks” on the planet. The paper content in cellulose insulation includes the carbon from the trees used to create that paper. Thus, it gets trapped in the attics and walls of insulated houses turning them into mini carbon sinks for the life of the structure. Multiply that by millions of houses and the reduction of carbon going into the atmosphere is substantial.

Learn more about the environmental benefits of cellulose insulation. Consider it for your next insulation project on Earth Day, or any day for that matter. It always meets with the noble intentions of Mr. McConnell, and provides a great building product alternative to those looking for a way to do their part in helping to save the planet.

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