More Cellulose Insulation Fire Control Stories

More Examples of Cellulose Insulation Controlling Fire Spread In Homes.

We continue to monitor the news for reports of home and building fires where cellulose insulation is in use. A couple stories recently offer yet more good examples of how the fire retardant characteristics of cellulose insulation helped to limit the spread of flames allowing occupants to avoid injury and firefighters to quickly control the blaze. Clearly, Indiana fire officials understand how to manage fires in buildings with cellulose insulation.

The latest comes from West Lafayette, Indiana with an apartment incident that started with a kitchen grease fire. The local fire department was able to quickly control the second floor blaze. Once the flames were doused they followed the proper procedure of removing cellulose insulation that clearly had slowed the spread of the flames. Read the full news article.

A story earlier this month from Evansville, Indiana offers another example where clearly the cellulose insulation helped to contain the fire and slow the spread of flames. Read the full news article.

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